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Ananda (*Thanksgiving Day) by Scott Zarcinas

In the years approaching the New Millennium, Michael Joseph and his wife, Angie, seek the services of fertility doctor to help conceive the child they have always yearned. One climactic Thanksgiving Day their newborn child, Ananda, is kidnapped, heralding the anxious search for her safe return.

DeVille's Contract by Scott Zarcinas

Louis Hugo DeVille, CEO of the giant pharmaceutical company, Global Resolutions Network, suffers a heart attack in his office, only to wake up in the underground tunnels of LeMont International Enterprises.

Roadman by Scott Zarcinas

Lorraine Jackson is a single white female looking for Mr. Right. But when the Roadman knocks on her door, she isn't prepared for the secrets he's been hiding... and would kill to keep them hidden.

Samantha Honeycomb 10-Year Anniversary Edition by Scott Zarcinas

Wrongly punished for breaking the ancient laws, Samantha Honeycomb is expelled by the queen into the wild and untamed Crazy Lands. Her only hope of redemption is an impossible quest...

The Golden Chalice by Scott Zarcinas

Fleeing the dreaded plague that has struck his village, the orphaned Giacomo heads to the mountains and its mysterious Golden City in search of the Elixir of Life, the only thing that can save the village and the woman he loves.

Your Natural State of Being by Scott Zarcinas

Ever sat down and asked yourself, “What am I doing with my life?” "Why aren't I happier?" "Why am I here?" Your Natural State of Being is the book that leads us to the answers of our deepest questions and helps reveal the motivating forces and innermost needs of our lives.