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The prescription for your best life!

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The Know-How to Create the Future You Want

Has your career stagnated and you feel stuck in your job?

Are you working hard but feel this isn't the life you actually want?

Do you want to make a career change but are scared of losing everything you've worked for?

Most people feel more than competent in what they do for a living, but there's usually one big problem with this—they aren't actually doing what they really want to do!

Worse. This disconnect is affecting their health, their relationships, and their career. Not to mention their finances.

These outward, physical symptoms are manifestations of a deeper problem, soul sickness—what I call, 'soulaemia'—which usually happens when we haven't yet found our niche, when we haven't yet discovered our place in the world.

My formula—which I call The Diamond Triangle—can help you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

The three simple steps of defining who you are, determining what you want, and designing how to do it, is the prescription for your best life and the best treatment for soulaemia.

Because when you find your niche, you find that one place in the world where you were meant to be—happy, secure, appreciated, peaceful, and free. 

Everything everybody wants.



motivational mentor & keynote speaker

As a motivational mentor and keynote speaker, I help career-driven professionals who feel stuck in their job to revitalize their career and family life.

By realigning with your purpose, values and passion, I can help you find your niche and create the future you've always wanted without feeling overwhelmed or fearing change.

Because, I have found that when you are intentional about who you are, what you want, and take decisive action, you can overcome the symptoms of soul sickness ('soulaemia') to maximize your potential and build the life of your dreams.

You really can take control of who you are, what you do, and how you do it. This is Empowered Living, and the principles of achievement, success and fulfillment are encapsulated in The Diamond Triangle.

Use the submission form on this page to contact me to learn how The Diamond Triangle—the prescription for your best life!—can help you to make the best of every day.



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