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YOUR NATURAL STATE OF BEING review story ideas

STORY IDEA #1. What are the steps to experiencing our natural state of being?

There are many steps readers can do to experience more of their Natural State of Being; here are 3 to begin with:

• Belief determines everything: therefore work to disarm any self-limiting beliefs about yourself
• Your mottos are a window to your underlying beliefs: therefore, understand what mottos you hold and ask yourself whether they work positively or negatively for you
• The Attitudes of Abundant Living: embrace at least 1 of these attitudes—Giving, Forgiving, Thanksgiving—and see what positive effect it has on your daily life

STORY IDEA #2. What can I do to succeed in getting more of what I want in life?

Besides reading and implementing the teachings in Your Natural State of Being, the best tips for getting more of what you want in life are:

• Understand why you do what you do
• Know what you are seeking in life
• Implement the Attitudes of Abundant Living—Giving, Forgiving, Thanksgiving—to experience more of what you want:

Joy, Security, Acceptance, Peace, and Freedom

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STORY IDEA #3. What are the steps to finding true happiness?

• Believe you already have everything you need to be happy
• Target the real cause of unhappiness and suffering—forgetfulness of our connection to the Source of life
• Implement real solutions to overcoming unhappiness and suffering—reconnecting with the Source of life
• Develop strategies to experience more happiness—The Attitudes of Abundant Living: Giving, Forgiving, Thanksgiving
• Remove obstacles to experiencing happiness—self-limiting beliefs

STORY IDEA #4. What are the best strategies to experiencing more happiness?

Your Natural State of Being outlines the principles of the Attitudes of Abundant Living, the best strategy to experience more joy, security, acceptance, peace, and freedom:

• Giving: Give unto others that which you wish for yourself
• Forgiving: Forgive others so that you can let go of the past and move forward with your life
• Thanksgiving: The happiest people in life are those who are grateful and give thanks

STORY IDEA #5. What are the benefits of reconnecting with our natural state of being?

• Emotional Benefits: Your natural state of being directly enhances your feelings of joy, security, acceptance, peace, and freedom
• Mental Benefits: Your natural state of being markedly reduces your daily stress and suffering
• Spiritual Benefits: Your natural state of being delivers fullness and meaning to your life
• Physical Benefits: Your natural state of being reveals the goodness, truth and beauty of every moment