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"Your Natural State of Being is refreshing. A tonic to read. Comprehensive and scholarly, it also has so many poetic qualities." ~ Roger Rees, author of Out of Calamity, Emeritus Professor of Disability Studies and Research, Flinders University, review for Your Natural State of Being

"An interesting concept... well written." ~ Rose Balvins, Amazon review for DeVille's Contract

"Enchanting and full of joy." ~ Inner Self magazine, review for Samantha Honeycomb

"Hooked from the beginning." ~ P.S. Kennedy, Amazon review for DeVille's Contract


"Thanks for the fabulous workshop... a lot of great information."  ~ Leonie McKeon, China-Educated Strategist, author of Tame the Tiger

"Thank you for all the information and excellent tips and guidance you gave us!" ~ Karina Chapman, author of Hair Secrets

"Thank you for the workshop... Fantastic! I got a lot of good planning material out it." ~ Ann Wickens, author

"[Scott] has given me clarity and insight into my personality, motivation, and ways of dealing with stress." ~ Helen Ivich. Executive Producer. Roadman Pictures

"I really loved [the talk]. I became aware of something really beneficial: your thoughts create your experience… I must say, you are a good teacher." ~ Sumita Wahi. SA education




Scott has a wealth of knowledge and is very generous in giving of his time and experience. I feel re-energised and refocused on where I want to head this year." ~ Catherine Middleton, Director, Office Dynamics Adelaide, author of Time to Think Big!

"Scott coached me on the way to deliver my message, he helped re-arrange my themes and layout to a much easier reading end result. Scott was able to help deliver my message and still retain my voice throughout." ~ Geoff Richmond, author of The WOW Factor!

"Scott’s help gave me clarity, purpose, and direction. Without his guidance I would still have a rough manuscript sitting in my cupboard (or in the bin!). I fully recommend Scott's publishing services." ~ Peter Nicholl's, author of The Hunger to Grow

"Scott is very professional and an expert in all things writing and publishing." ~ Bettina Deda, creative mentor and author of Downsize With Style